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Sunday In the Park With Nathaniel

There is still a big pile of boxes in the library from when we cleaned out the corner of the garage so that our HVAC guy could get into the attic. We've been winnowing them down. daisy_knotwise thought that this afternoon was a good opportunity to winnow them down some more, so she sent me to the park with Katie and Julie.

And at the park, we encountered Nathaniel. And Nathaniel had a bicycle.

Mount Up Mount Up
Gretchen sent me off to the park with the girls this afternoon so that she could try to excavate the library. There we met Nathaniel and his mom. Nathaniel had a bike. Katie desperately wants a bike. Guess what happened.
Now Pedal Now Pedal
Fortunately, as Nathaniel's mom pointed out, he really likes little girls. So he was happy to share his bike with Katie, who is almost exactly two years younger than he is.
And Rolling And Rolling
Ok, so we're rolling. And we've got training wheels, so everything should be fine.
And Falling And Falling
Maybe not so much. There's that thing about keeping the front wheel pointed forward that still needs to be mastered.
Back On the Horse Back On the Horse
But if you fall off the horse, you get right back on.
And We're Rolling Again And We're Rolling Again
So let's just try that again with a bit more support and instruction.
And We're Off And We're Off
And there they go. Julie is, not surprisingly, fascinated by all this.
And Receding Into the Distance And Receding Into the Distance
Yes, progress is being made. And someone had better remember to turn around soon.
Julie Gets a Turn Julie Gets a Turn
Julie finally gets a turn at the bicycle, with the help of Katie and Nathaniel's mom.
And Finds the Pedals And Finds the Pedals
And after a few moments, she finds the pedals. :)
Everyone Helps Everyone Helps
Yes, it takes a village to teach Katie how to ride a bicycle. Or at least it takes Nathaniel and Julie.
Progress Is Made Progress Is Made
But progress is being made. The pedals are going forward more often than not.
But Some Are Left Behind But Some Are Left Behind
Julie is, however, determined to catch up. Having watched my stubborn little two year old, I think I'd bet on her.

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