Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Letters to Juliet

daisy_knotwise had expressed an interest in seeing Letters to Juliet, so when I passed by the Redbox on the way out of the grocery store today, I checked, found it was available and rented it for the evening. We managed to send Katie and Julie off to the living room to watch Sprout and managed to watch the film with no more than a dozen or two interruptions. :)

It's fun. Predictable in a lot of ways (most romantic comedies are), but the entertainment is in exactly how they get there and how engaging the cast is.

On the front of the movie was the trailer for RED. Gretchen and I are going to have to see this film. Money quote from Gretchen: "Even I think Helen Mirren with a machine gun is hot."
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