Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Happy Halloween!

Katie agitated to head out Trick or Treating from the moment she got up this morning. Of course, this is a little girl who's been waiting for Halloween for months. And daisy_knotwise has been working hard on their costumes for months, including the last rush to finish everything.

Getting Dressed Getting Dressed
The first step is to get the girls into their costumes. This wasn't too difficult with Katie who has been looking forward to being Dora the Explorer for months. Julie was a bit more recalcitrant about her Boots the Monkey (a friend of Dora's) costume and stubbornly refused to wear her tail. And Mommy worked so hard on that tail...
All Dressed All Dressed
And here we have the costume maker and her little girls, all dressed up and ready to go.
And Here's Backpack And Here's Backpack
Of course, you have to get Katie to turn around so that you can get a good look at Dora's backpack.

Julie decided that she wasn't going to go Trick or Treating after all, so she stayed home while Katie and I headed out for an hour and a half of canvassing the neighborhood. And a good time was had by all.

Back at home, the Trick or Treaters have been thin on the ground so far. We'll see what happens after dark.
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