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Bill Roper's Journal
When SF Meets Economic Policy 
11th-Nov-2010 10:40 am
Ok, not exactly, but I was certainly amused when Instapundit linked to an article on QE2 and included a reference to the Charles Stross series that I'm currently reading.

I've said for a while that I thought that our weak dollar policy was a bad idea. I'm hoping it's not nearly as bad as the Stross reference would imply. :)
12th-Nov-2010 03:02 am (UTC)
I must admit that the news stories today about the G20 reaction to "QE2" and about the political reaction to the advance report from the deficit commission left me with queasy feelings. Of course, I've been convinced that the complete meltdown of the American economy would probably happen next week since back in the Reagan administration when I first twigged that Washington no longer saw deficit spending as an emergency measure, but as standard practice under all circumstances, and it hasn't happened yet, so I'm beginning to suspect that the collective of high-powered economists might know something I don't and I'm just wallowing in my natural pessimism. Who knows, maybe the chewing gum and duct tape really will hold the economic system together until Antarctica melts.
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