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Bill Roper

Katie Is Four Years Old Today

Katie is four years old today. Wow! Of course, this meant it was time for a little celebration. :)

Katie's Birthday Cake Katie's Birthday Cake
Today was Katie's fourth birthday. Gretchen had intended to bake a cake, but when she went to find the cake and frosting in the safe location that she'd put them in, she discovered that she couldn't *remember* the safe location. Oops. So it was time for a store-bought cake instead.
Blown Out Blown Out
And the candles were successfully blown out.
After the Cake After the Cake
Cake was then duly consumed, as you can tell if you look closely at Katie's face. It was then time to pose for pictures.
Time To Open The Presents Time To Open The Presents
But posing for pictures was a short-lived activity, because there were birthday presents to open!
Getting a Better View Getting a Better View
Julie, however, couldn't really see what Katie was doing from behind her. A solution existed. *I* was fascinated.
That's Better That's Better
But as you can see, the view from the back of the couch was *much* better.
The Bestest Present The Bestest Present
And here was clearly the absolute *bestest* present.
Big Hug Big Hug
And now it was time for a big sisterly hug.
The Tent Assembled The Tent Assembled
And what was the best present? Why it was the ladybug tent that Katie had seen on TV! And Gretchen has finally managed to figure out how to assemble it.
The Tent Inhabited The Tent Inhabited
And once assembled, Katie and Julie scrambled into the tent. And there was much rejoicing!

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