Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

October Surprises

While everyone has been worried about the October Surprise that Karl Rove is supposed to pull out of his magic hat, none has appeared -- thus far. (Don't want to take for granted the possibility that he might still have something up his sleeve, you know.)

However, it appears that an October Surprise was concocted by CBS News and The New York Times and originally intended to hit the airwaves at 7 PM EST on Sunday, less than 36 hours before the election. I write, as you're no doubt aware, of this story of missing explosives at al Qaqaa which was instead published on Monday as the story was starting to leak out. (Or as CBS said, the story wouldn't "hold" until the following Sunday.)

Given the speed with which Senator Kerry recorded and launched a TV commercial to hammer Bush on the subject, I would suspect that he or his campaign might have known about the article in advance of publication, but that would simply be suspicion on my part. I have no proof.

Now, the country -- and the various news organizations -- are engaged in investigating this story, trying to determine whether the explosives were at al Qaqaa at the time of the Iraq invasion or whether they had already been moved out as this article from the Washington Post or this Reuters article quoting ABC News suggest.

Of course, it's Thursday now. If CBS had broken the story on Halloween on 60 Minutes as they'd intended, the election would be over by now.

Wouldn't that have been a shame?
Tags: musings, politics

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