Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Will It Go Round In Circles?

It's important to give Katie and Julie a chance to burn off some energy with other kids. And the nicest place to do that locally is out at Woodfield Mall...

King of the Mountain King of the Mountain
We like to go to the play area at Woodfield Mall and let the girls run around periodically after having dinner at Red Robin. And Katie is quite capable of dominating the terrain there.
Waiting on the Edge Waiting on the Edge
Julie, on the other hand, will be sliding down that slide any minute now. Just as soon as she's ready.
En Passant En Passant
I take my compact Canon Elph to the mall with me. It's not nearly as responsive as my digital SLR, but it's a *lot* easier to carry. And sometimes you get lucky and get a shot like this as Katie's running past.
A Break In The Action A Break In The Action
Gretchen had to sit on the floor at one point, because there was no room on the benches in the pre-Christmas crowd. I *did* find a place to sit when I got back to the play area after running a quick errand, but Gretchen decided she was just as happy on the ground. And eventually she accreted both girls who had come looking for something to drink.
How Not To Wear a Necklace How Not To Wear a Necklace
Later at home, Katie wanted more pictures. I'm not at all convinced that's the regulation way to wear that necklace, but she seems happy with it. :)

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