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The Christmas Report

We decided to take the Christmas tree down today, because I'm going to GAFilk next weekend and the city of Des Plaines will recycle into mulch the trees that come down now, while trees that come down later are likely to wind up in the landfill. I carefully explained to Katie and Julie how taking the tree down now meant it would probably get used to help make a park where kids can play. They asked about visiting the tree there and I told them that we would when the weather got better.

So ornaments were packed away, lights unstrung, and the tree carried out to the curb. Then Katie and Julie put on their coats and went out to the curb to say good bye to the tree. I wish I'd had a camera handy.

I did have a camera handy for much of the rest of the Christmas season, so if you'd like to see what the family was up to this Christmas, here's your chance. :)

Christmas Tree 2010 Christmas Tree 2010
Here's our Christmas tree for this year. We got it right after I got back from Chambanacon on Sunday; then it took a week to get it decorated; then *eventually* I got around to taking a picture. :)
Breakfast Time Breakfast Time
We met Jeff at Gail's Carriage House on Christmas Eve because Santa was there for lunch. We *ate* breakfast, because the breakfast was quite good. So was seeing Santa. There's a picture somewhere that I need to scan and post. *sigh*
Jeff Opens Presents Jeff Opens Presents
Jeff and Carol came over for Christmas Eve dinner and we exchanged presents. Jeff's opening a book that we got him just now.
Carol Opens Presents Carol Opens Presents
And here are Katie and Julie helping Aunt Carol open *her* presents. Katie picked out the necklace and earrings herself.
Trying Out the Sleeping Bags Trying Out the Sleeping Bags
Uncle Jeff and Aunt Carol gave Katie and Julie sleeping bags for Christmas. They were *very* popular.
Christmas Tree With Presents Christmas Tree With Presents
And here's a shot of the Christmas tree with all of the presents.
Katie and Her Friends Katie and Her Friends
All of the present opening action on Christmas morning is on the video camera. I must do something about that later. In the meantime, here's Katie and her friends, including Roo, Big Georgie, and two of the Wonder Pets, all of whom arrived on Christmas. And, of course, Badi...
Sorting Cards Sorting Cards
Then it was off to Carol's sister's house out in Crystal Lake for Christmas dinner. Jeff borrowed my camera here to take this shot of Carol sorting cards with Katie, Julie, and their sort-of-cousin Ireland.
The Family Portrait The Family Portrait
Jeff was good enough to snap a picture of us at the table before dinner. Naturally, Julie had to pick up her napkin at just the wrong moment. Shy kid...
Ready For My Closeup Ready For My Closeup
So I had to take more pictures of Julie later.
Is This Good? Is This Good?
And wonder of wonders! Julie decided to pose, perhaps making up for the earlier napkin incident.
I've Got My Eye On You I've Got My Eye On You
You *should* be aware that I *know* that you've got that camera, Dad.
Is My Hair Ok? Is My Hair Ok?
How's my hair look? Is it ok? Well, maybe...
Gretchen, Katie, and Julie Gretchen, Katie, and Julie
And here's Gretchen (not paying attention) with Katie and Julie in the lovely Christmas dresses that my dad's widow, Connie, sent them.
Jeff Ties One On Jeff Ties One On
And here's Jeff tying one on. I *know* there was nothing in the egg nog -- except egg nog!
Princess Katie Princess Katie
Ireland got a princess outfit for Christmas and was good enough to let Katie and Julie wear it too. So here's Princess Katie.
Princess Julie Princess Julie
And here's Princess Julie.
Kiss the Ring, Darling Kiss the Ring, Darling
Yes, this outfit comes complete with bling.
Excited Excited
I have *no* idea what Katie was so excited about here, but it was clearly *something*.
Sisters Sisters
And here are Katie and Julie -- Katie posing for the camera, Julie perhaps having located the second star to the right...
Time for Pie Time for Pie
Later, it was time for pie. There's *always* room for pie.
On a Carousel On a Carousel
On the day after Christmas, we went up to Gurnee Mills to exchange the far-bigger-than-Gretchen-had-in-mind roasting pan and rack that I'd bought her for Christmas. Katie and Julie were enticed into good behavior by the promise of a ride on the carousel. This would have gone more smoothly if I hadn't misread the map and led us to the wrong end of the mall first. I went and got the van, loaded everyone in it, and then drove to the opposite end of the mall so Katie and Julie could have their carousel ride. Gretchen, who had had *quite enough* of Gurnee Mills on Boxing Day, waited in the van.
Ride That Bunny Ride That Bunny
Julie, meanwhile, was happy to ride her bunny.
Thank You, Daddy Thank You, Daddy
And happy that Daddy had taken his girls to the carousel after all.

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