Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Other Than That...

Other than that, I find the election situation depressing. This is not because I expect Kerry to win or because I expect Bush to win.

This is because I believe that we're all going to lose.

I see ample evidence being presented that we're going to see plenty of vote fraud and dirty tricks, likely being perpetrated by both sides in this election. I believe that we're likely to see a flood of lawyers invading any state where the results were close. And I think there will be no shortage of states where the results were close and irregularities occurred.

I see people who are bright, normally rational individuals making absolute statements that I find to be just remarkable in their level of both partisanship and cluelessness. Any data that might undermine their position is obviously wrong and probably fraudulent.

No matter who wins tomorrow, the side that lost will claim that the other side won by cheating. And they will be right. And they will be wrong.

Because both sides will have cheated. And we may simply be measuring who is better at cheating.

Or we may be measuring the will of the electorate as all of the assorted cheating cancels out.

But we will never know. And that depresses me.
Tags: musings, politics
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