Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Putting the Balls Down

I have resigned as the head of the Publications division for Chicon 7.

This is no reflection of my feelings about the con. Rather, it's the result of a new initiative at work that I expect is going to frequently make me crazy busy for the next two years, a time period that overlaps pretty much exactly with when I'd need to be getting work done for Chicon. It's certainly been doing well at making things crazy so far. Being on IM sessions with India until 3:30 AM would be just one example.

The Chicon committee has found a wonderfully competent (and I'm assuming less busy) replacement for me and I'll be handing off everything to him shortly.

And after that, I'll be looking forward to the con.
Tags: cons, home, musings, work

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