Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Yelling At Katie

One way of being pretty sure that what daisy_knotwise and I have is flu: neither Katie nor Julie have contracted it. And they got flu shots. *sigh*

I'm very happy that the girls are healthy except for one little detail. Two healthy little girls and two sick parents is a recipe for chaos. And we have chaos in spades.

The big problem is that Katie believes that she can operate in the kitchen unsupervised. This has resulted in (since Friday):

  • The cereal being locked in the refrigerator to keep it from being spilled on the floor.
  • A rededication to locking the fridge after Katie made a concoction of chocolate syrup, five fresh eggs, and iced tea. At least it was in a bowl.
  • The smoke alarm going off because someone (almost certainly Katie) put a piece of cornbread in the microwave to reheat for far too long.
  • Apple juice being spilled all over the floor as Katie decided to refill the popsicle maker.

    This last resulted in Daddy yelling at Katie to go to bed now. After I cleaned up the mess, I went upstairs, opened her closet where she was hiding, and explained to her that she cannot operate unsupervised in the kitchen, no matter how competent she believes herself to be.

    We'll see if this takes.

    In the meantime, Gretchen got a three hour nap this afternoon, so we're starting to even things out. Both of us really doubt that her colonoscopy, scheduled for Tuesday morning, is really going to happen on schedule, but when she talked to the doctor's office on Friday, she was told to check back in on Monday, so that's the plan.

    In the meantime, I'm sitting here typing and listening to the live stream of concerts from Conflikt, courtesy of the pointer from hsifyppah. Thanks!
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