Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

And They're Off!

The folks who are engaged in electoral cheating, that is.

Here's a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about how 30 cars that Republicans planned to use to take voters to the polls had their tires slashed last night. Also, there were a couple of people who were blocking the exit to a parking lot and spitting on cars to prevent Kerry workers from leaving. The two idiots were removed but not arrested.

So far, advantage Democratic cheaters in Milwaukee.

In other news, Tom Daschle filed a Federal lawsuit charging that Republicans were intimidating native American voters in South Dakota, a suit heard in front of a judge that he nominated (via Clinton) for the Federal bench and who was his lawyer in an electoral dispute many years ago. The judge was greatly annoyed that someone was live blogging the trial, but it was apparently perfectly legal. In an extremely limited ruling, the judge found that the Republican observers in one South Dakota county were not to be allowed to write down the license numbers of vehicles that were bringing voters to the polls.

I am moved to wonder whether the ruling would have been less limited if the whole world had not been watching. :) (Wait! Didn't someone use that slogan once? The Whole World Is Watching. That's catchy...)
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