Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

The Blizzard of 2011

Finally, here are our pictures from the Blizzard of 2011. That name had better stick around here, because otherwise it means that there was a second blizzard. We don't really need that, thank you very much.

Frozen Goose Frozen Goose
After spending a couple of hours removing snow from our driveway and front walk, I went inside to thaw out. Gretchen went out with my camera to document some of the fun. And the first thing you see when you head out the front door is our goose, which was not cooked, but rather well frozen instead. (No real geese were harmed in the making of this photograph.)
The Cleared Driveway The Cleared Driveway
And there is our driveway, which I finally got cleared by virtue of having a really big snowblower, even if only a single-stage model. But it did succeed in coping with snow that frequently reached a depth greater than the end of the output chute. Whee!
The Front Sidewalk The Front Sidewalk
Gretchen's first suggestion for dealing with the front sidewalk was installing a wireless doorbell and telling everyone to come in through the garage until the thaw. I thought this was a bad idea, so I set the snowblower to munch on the sidewalk. By dint of great effort, I carved a path out to the steps. The snow on either side is taller than Katie. Katie is impressed by this.
No Mail Today No Mail Today
There was no mail delivery on Wednesday. This didn't surprise us, since there were two feet of snow on our street. More than that around the mailboxes, it looks like.
The Front Porch The Front Porch
Once I got to the front porch, I just pulled out the snow shovel and had at it until I had the doorway cleared out. Fortunately, it was fairly light snow. A *lot* of fairly light snow...
Stuck Snowplow Stuck Snowplow
All of the neighbors had blown or shoveled our way out to the edge of the street. The street, however, was completely impassible, our cul-de-sac circle being filled up with two feet of snow, so we were really happy to see the city snowplow show up to clear it out. That lasted until the snowplow became stuck on its first pass. *sigh* The truck you see there had tried attaching a chain to the snowplow to pull it out. It didn't work, the chain giving way without moving the snowplow an inch. Oops.
Saved By the Front Loader Saved By the Front Loader
But when the big front loader showed up, it managed to move enough snow to allow the snowplow to escape. It then went to work on the circle and cleared it out in fairly short order. There are now *huge* piles of snow all around the edges of the circle. I expect they will be there for a long time.

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