Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Just a Bit Crunched

There are days that I really wish that Capricon was not a four-day convention. This is one of them. It would be worse if I lived out of town, because then I'd either have to bite the bullet about arriving on Thursday and take a second vacation day or just give up and plan to show up on Friday.

At the moment, I'm not long on vacation and I am long on things that need to be done for work. The result of this is that daisy_knotwise has taken the van, Katie, Julie, and the contents of the dealer table off to the hotel to unload. Then she'll come home with the girls.

Later this afternoon, I'll pack things up and head off to the con with my luggage. I'll check into the room and start setting up the table.

Gretchen will wait here and see if the new credit card machine shows up. If not, she'll program the ISFiC machine and we'll use it.

Except that I just got a call from Gretchen. Because it's so cold, the entire loading scheme has been shot to hell, so she can't unload the van through the back door with helpers. She can't unload the van by herself on the small cart, so she has to come home with the girls and get some credit card machine reprogrammed. I can't go to meet her at the hotel, because someone has to be here in case UPS shows up with the new credit card machine.

Fiasco in full swing.

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