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So a while back, I mentioned that I had to go pat another song I was writing on the head and let it know that I still loved it. In fact, that was quite a while back.

It's done now. Although the title may just be a placeholder until I think of something better...

Words and Music: Bill Roper
Copyright 2011


Your dream is a good dream.
Your dream is fine.
I watch the water roll down the stream
And I know it’ll never be mine.
You dream of the warm and green
And I dream of the dark and the cold.
You dream of the world you’ve seen
And I just see the world growing old.

I know you’re a dreamer – I see it when I look in your eyes.
You tell me the things you see and I’m afraid you’re telling me lies.
You speak of a world at peace, where man can live as one with the Earth,
But the dream I see there in your eyes is gonna tie me to the world of my birth.

There’s a beauty in balance, a rightness to a life on the land.
A place too for prudence, for not consuming all that you can.
And maybe it’s wrong of me, thinking that your dreams are too small,
But all I see’s the winter that is waiting there to follow the fall.

I dream of rocket ships, I dream of stars.
I dream of man expanding past this world of ours,
For in a finite world, all things must reach their end
And waiting for the twilight’s not a dream I can defend.

I know that you love this world, and you should know that I love her too.
I hate the balance that would keep me from the things I must do,
For I would break your peace and roll the dice to pay for the plan.
I’d gamble our poor world away to buy an infinite future for man.

(Chorus twice)
And I just see the world growing old.
Tags: filk, lyrics, musings

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