Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Timing Is Everything

Last month, after considerable work to get my web hosting and e-mail moved away from my old ISP, I switched from Speakeasy DSL to a cable modem to improve my throughput for working at home. I've submitted my first expense report and seen it paid.

Today, the facilities folks at work announced that they are closing our Wabash office and moving the people there over to the Sears Tower (by whatever name). That doesn't particularly affect me, because I don't really want to have a daily commute to either side of the Loop.

In the same e-mail, they announced that they would now allow people to move to the Itasca office, which is where I'd been looking at going for some time, but they wouldn't let me.

How did they know that I'd just rearranged all this?

And after having talked it over with daisy_knotwise, she and I have concluded that she'd rather have me working at home, given the absurd hours that I'm on line at...
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