Bill Roper's Journal
Plunging Deeper 
25th-Apr-2011 11:01 pm
The toilet in the upstairs bathroom has been having some problems with running on for a while. catalana noticed it was misbehaving the other night while she was staying here and I monkeyed with the toilet a bit and pronounced it "fixed".

Wrong. By this evening, it was in serious running-on mode. So after jeff_duntemann and Carol dropped by for dinner, I decided to replace the flush assembly. Fortunately, I'd already bought one for just this purpose.

Unfortunately, the connector from the valve to the toilet was being so singularly uncooperative that I ended up heading off to the hardware store for a replacement. It was the original one that was installed by the builder, so I guess it was due to go.

The toilet seems to be working correctly now.

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)
26th-Apr-2011 09:52 am (UTC)
"And I'm keeping my fingers crossed."

Well, that's better than having to keep your legs crossed....
26th-Apr-2011 11:40 pm (UTC)
Hey, I wish I had your house problems. My dishwasher failed the smoke test during prep for Easter dinner. Large clouds of smoke and the smell of burning insulation prompted a trip to Lowes yesterday. The new dishwasher is now working, but I'm rather poorer.
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