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Three Years Old

Julie turned three years old today. This means that it is definitely time to post more pictures.

Oh, and if you happen to be wondering what the smudge on Julie's forehead is in the later pictures, well, that would be chocolate frosting. Yes, the frosting on the outside of the cake is white cream cheese frosting. Between the layers is the chocolate frosting. And inside and on Julie, because she got the leftovers...

Roadrunner Toes Roadrunner Toes
It was Julie's third birthday today, so we went out to the mall for lunch at Red Robin and then over to the play area to let Katie and Julie run around a bit. Julie promptly settled down between a pair of roadrunner toes.
Katie In Charge Katie In Charge
Katie, meanwhile, decided to dominate Marvin the Martian.
Or Is Julie? Or Is Julie?
Julie, on the other hand, seemed interested in foiling Katie's plan for Martian domination.
The Birthday Girl Wins! The Birthday Girl Wins!
And the birthday girl wins the argument and takes over the comfy Marvin chair.
Opening Presents Opening Presents
Katie had gone shopping with me to pick out Julie's presents and had been vibrating, waiting for Julie to open them, ever since. Julie opened her new Dora nightgown at lunch. The larger presents stayed home, including the Chutes and Ladders game, which Katie *really* wanted to play.
Opening Thomas Opening Thomas
But the *big* present was the Thomas the Tank Engine Mega Blocks set. This was easily Julie's (and Mommy's!) favorite present.
Inspection Inspection
Now it's time to take a good look at the presents.
The Birthday Girl With Cake The Birthday Girl With Cake
And here's Julie and the cake that I got up this morning to bake. Later, Gretchen, Katie, and Julie frosted it and decorated it. And Julie dropped the entire bottle of sprinkles on one spot. *sigh*
My Cake My Cake
This is *my* cake. You can't take it away. No, dear. Wouldn't *dream* of it.
Encroaching Encroaching
Of course, Katie might.
And There Was Cake And There Was Cake
Finally, Julie gets her cake after blowing out her candle.
I'm Eating Cake I'm Eating Cake
Yes, Dad. I'm eating cake.
And So Am I And So Am I
And Katie is also pretty intent on her cake...
And the Cake Was Good And the Cake Was Good
It *was* a good cake. Julie certainly approved.

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