Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Flight Watch

There are thunderstorms overhead, but flights seem to be leaving Midway -- if delayed -- so that's good. We're planning to head off toward the airport around 10 AM for our 1:20 PM flight, because of a large amount of paranoia. I expect things to be a bit of a zoo there. :)

The 9:00 AM flight is listed as "on time". The 11:10 AM flight is delayed 20 minutes. We're still listed as "on time". We'll see how it goes...

Update: 9:00 AM flight now delayed until 10:35 AM. 11:10 AM flight delayed to 11:55 AM.

Us? Still on time. Thunderstorms are supposed to clear, but there's going to be a lot of backed up traffic. I have my doubts about that "on time" bit...

Update 2: 9:00 AM flight "Delayed NTP". Ick. 11:10 AM flight delayed to 12:25 PM. Our flight shows on time in Chicago (edit: Nope! Delayed 45 minutes on departure too now.), but delayed 45 minutes on arrival. Uh huh. And the 3:50 PM flight is delayed 20 minutes.

So far.
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