Bill Roper's Journal
Winding Down 
12th-Jun-2011 10:52 pm
Today was a relaxed day. We had breakfast with Dave Clement, France, Trace, and his friend, John. Then I dropped France and Dave off at the airport. Later, Erica and Steve came by for ice cream and conversation. I went back to their hotel and helped them get the wedding dress and other items back to their folks while Gretchen spent some quality time in the pool. Finally, Rob and Larissa came over and we grabbed dinner at the burger bar.

I went back to the Luxor with them to pick something up, then headed back to New York, New York, picking up gifts for Katie and Julie on the way. (Ok, more gifts.) And I've lost as much money as I feel like losing on the slots and we're both too full to even think about eating anything else, so we're relaxing in the room.

It's been fun, but we're ready to get back to Katie and Julie. Of course, they may not be ready to give back Aunt Carol...
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