Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

A Friendly Dinner

I needed to get together with qnofhrt this evening to discuss some Windycon business left over from last night's meeting that neither of us were at, so she suggested we meet at the weekly dinner of the techie crew at the Palatine Inn. Ange promised that the locale was kid-friendly, so daisy_knotwise, Katie, and Julie came along.

The business is now sorted out (along with some Musecon items I was able to help with and some Chicon items that I put on the queue). Dinner was a fine time and flew by quickly enough that when we left a bit more than two hours later, Gretchen was looking at the clock in the van and saying "It's how late?"

So I'd have to count this as a success. :)
Tags: cons, home, musecon, musings, windycon

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