Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

In Blackest Night

daisy_knotwise and I engaged the services of the girl next door to babysit Katie and Julie tonight and headed out to the theater with samwinolj and Bonnie to see Green Lantern. The reviews have been pretty uniformly unhappy with it from what I gather.

We all liked it, from the GL geeks that Sam and I are to the relative novices that Bonnie and Gretchen are. It holds together well, there are a lot of nice bits of character work, and the special effects are just fine (although Gretchen feels they're a bit reminiscent of Harry Potter. I attribute that to it being the current state of the art in Hollywood.)

I'm hoping the numbers hold up well enough for there to be another film. We'll see.
Tags: movies, musings, reviews

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