Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Change of Plans

Well, that didn't work.

We decided that we'd do a bit of housecleaning, then load up Katie and Julie and head to the pool, because it was the first decent day this week for swimming, following a lot of cold and rain. We got dressed and pulled into the parking lot at 4:40 PM.

And saw the sign announcing that they were closing at 5 PM today, because they've rented the pool out for a party. *sigh*

Katie and Julie were very disappointed. daisy_knotwise took them out in the backyard to spray each other with hoses while I spent a bit of time doing triage on the library. It's still not cleaned out, but it's now clean enough to clean. :)

We were going to try to hit the pool tomorrow morning, but the forecast is for a high of 75 degrees and rain.

Tags: home, kids, musings, weather

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