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So on the way back from picking up the aforementioned speaker, I was driving past Fry's and figured that I would pick up the Microsoft Mouse that I'd seen at Staples, but which was out of stock. I could also pick up a USB to serial port converter for a project that I'm working on. And I could look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that they were advertising heavily.

They didn't have the model of mouse that I was looking for. They had several more expensive ones and several that were way too cheap for what I wanted, but nothing in the sweet spot. They didn't have any USB to serial port converters in the spot on the wall where they were supposed to be, although there was one in a different aisle that had been opened and resealed. I decided I didn't want to buy someone else's problem, so I passed on it.

At least I could look at the new Galaxy Tab and lay hands on it.

Except that they didn't have a display sample out where you could see how it worked. They had one under a thick plastic cover that wasn't even powered on so you could see what the screen looked like.

0 for 3.

Not a very good batting average.

I've ordered the mouse from Staples online to be shipped to my nearby store. I've looked at the USB to serial port adapters on Newegg and am continuing to mull that problem over.

And I think I'm going to be buying a Toshiba Thrive shortly when they come out.

Online. Because there's certainly no point in going to Fry's to look for one...
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