Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Ups and Downs

daisy_knotwise's car is in the shop for an extra day because they ordered the wrong part for it. At least it's covered under the extended warranty.

I am having to "justify" getting a new laptop after having been told repeatedly that I need to upgrade my old out-of-warranty one that recently failed and had to be reimaged. In case my justification is judged insufficient, I've recovered the old laptop from the Itasca office (which is closer than going down to the Loop).

The window fan in the bedroom is failing, so we wanted to get a new one. Target didn't have them available on line, but they were available in the Schaumburg store, where I ran out to pick one up over lunch on my way to Itasca. It's a shame that the fan in the Schaumburg store isn't actually the same fan pictured on the website. So I've ordered one from Amazon. With luck, it will be the one pictured on the website.

Gretchen has wrenched her back and is trying to get the house clean enough for the cleaning woman to come finish the job tomorrow.

And I'm being of very little help in the process, because I have 1300 compile errors that they'd like to see fixed by the end of the week.

But we did manage to get out to the pool for an hour late this afternoon...

How was your day? :)
Tags: home, musings, work

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