Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Stress Reduction Program

Well, WindyCon is over and went quite well from my point of view. There were no major glitches with the hotel. Parking could have been better, but could have been worse. There's some maintenance that the place could use, but we'll see what the new owners are up to.

Special Events went well with a big vote of thanks to Marnie, my second; Gretchen, my permanent staff; and Bill Leininger, my emergency backup staff. Marnie's ankle held up well. Opening Ceremonies ran well. Let's Make a Deal ran well with thanks to Marnie for helping plot it out, Gretchen for doing the prep work on the decorations, and Marnie, Gretchen, and Bill L. assembling the final setup during Opening Ceremonies. I helped Dave Ifversen run sound for Wild Mercy, Barry and Sally Childs-Helton's new band, which went well and was great fun.

Saturday, the only big event was the dance. We were running a bit behind on decorations, but Jill, David Hoshko, and several other folks whose names I've misplaced came out to help put together our "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance.

Closing Ceremonies on Sunday were suitably laid back. We gave the prize for best hall costume to a young woman who had done a tremendous dementor costume, including three feet of stilts. And Gretchen had framed the beamjockey illustration that we'd used for Bonnie's first flyer that I was able to give her at Closing Ceremonies as well.

Many more things happened, but I'm still recovering from the con and today at work. So maybe I'll say more later.
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