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Just In Time for the Windycon Program Book

The deadline for getting things in for the Windycon Program Book is today. In my usual timely fashion, I have just e-mailed the text off. For those of you who are interested, you'll find the text below. :)

Did I mention that the theme for the con this year is "The Periodic Table of Science Fiction Elements"?

We launch our Windycon balloon (filled with hydrogen for extra lift) at Friday evening's Opening Ceremonies in Junior Ballroom BC, where you'll have a chance to hear from our guests and get a little preview of what's coming up this weekend.

Immediately afterwards, watch for a bit of fission as we toss a few neutrons around (U-235, handle with care) and present our Toastmaster, Christian Ready, and our Science Guest of Honor, Mike Brotherton, with back-to-back talks on subjects astronomical over in Lilac AC. If you've attended Windycon in the past, you know that Chris' talks on the Hubble telescope and what it's discovered are always a wonderful treat, while Mike will be a brand new experience -- and equally wonderful, we're certain.

For those still firmly ensconsced in Junior BC, you'll be listening to the golden tones of Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps. Heather writes songs with a fantasy bent, many based on the Arthurian legends. We're lucky to have Heather and Ben with us tonight, as they'll be off touring in Ohio tomorrow, so catch them while they're here.

And next on our music program comes the iron-edged sound of Tomboat, the musical fusion of Tom Smith, the World's Fastest Filker, with Chicago's own Pegasus-nominated filk rock band, Toyboat. If you heard them last year, you'll want to hear them again -- if you didn't, drop in and hear Tom Smith like you've never heard him before!

For those of you who are looking to dance the night away, we're taking no hafnium measures again this year, as DJ Bob Hollister kicks off our Friday night dance at 10 PM (or immediately after Tomboat finishes their performance) in Junior Ballroom A. (Why after Tomboat finishes? Because starting the dance in the room next to Tomboat is like pushing the two lumps of plutonium together. And we like our hotel.)

On Saturday night at 8 PM in Junior Ballroom BC, be sure to catch our fabulous Masquerade (which you'll find more about elsewhere in the Program Book) as an assortment of carbon-based lifeforms strut their stuff on our stage in a variety of interesting costumes. And while you wait for the presentation of the awards, you'll be entertained by Tom Smith, now minus the copper wiring and a good bit more unplugged than he was on Friday.

But wait, there's more! If you're looking for another chance to dance, you'll find there's no dysprosium-related problems (that's "hard to get at", for those of you who aren't Greek scholars) as DJ Clash will be rocking out in Junior Ballroom A from 10 PM until the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday at 2 PM, we wrap things up at Closing Ceremonies in Junior Ballroom B. Come on down, say good bye to our guests, find out who won various awards, where the bodies are, and where we intend to barium.

It's all just part of the entertainment at Windycon, where fun is elemental.
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