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So we tried to put Katie and Julie to bed around 11 PM. Julie drifted off fairly promptly. Katie got into her bed, but has stubbornly refused to stay there. We can deal with that.

Until just a few minutes after midnight when we heard ominous sounds from the guest bedroom where Julie was sleeping before being moved into her bunk. We opened the door to find a squalling Julie and a barf episode of massive proportion, which -- in what should not be a great surprise -- included her precious blanket, Buni.

Julie was separated from the fouled blanket with the greatest of difficulty and daisy_knotwise took her off for a quick bath -- her second of the evening. I gathered up two laundry baskets of sodden laundry, mopping up the worst of the mess on the way into the receptacles, and headed off to the basement for the emergency laundry run, because we really need to have Julie's blanket clean by morning.

Julie has now dropped off to sleep in our room with an alternate blanket.

And Katie keeps demanding to come out of her room and see what all has happened.

Because there's nothing better than seeing where your sister went barfies all over.

Unless it's getting back out of bed...

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