Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Julie's Paradox

We went to the local Chinese buffet for dinner, because I have been dreaming of pot stickers since late Sunday night at OVFF. As it happened to sort out, I acquired my dessert before Katie and Julie did and was working my way through it while the girls were anxiously waiting for me to accompany them to the soft-serve ice cream machine to produce "swirl" from the center spigot. daisy_knotwise had promised them that I would go as soon as I finished my dessert, which by this point consisted of a brownie that I'd eaten half of.

I carefully cut the brownie in half with my fork and ate one half. I then cut the remaining half in half again and ate that half.

Gretchen, with whom I'd discussed Zeno's Paradox on the way home from OVFF, was not amused.

"Cut that out! Finish the brownie and go get dessert for Katie and Julie."

Julie, standing next to the table and watching me intently, said, "Cut it in half again, Daddy."

So I did. And ate it.

And then I finally ate the last bite.

But I am very impressed that my younger daughter recognized that I was cutting the brownie in half and eating half with each bite, as we had nowhere in our conversation mentioned that.
Tags: home, kids, math, musings

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