Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Mission: Improbable (Completed)

I was so ready to give up on the Cardinals this year after they were swept by the Dodgers.

Fortunately, they didn't. Beneficiaries of a great playoff run and a collapse by the Braves, they snuck into the playoffs on the last day of the regular season.

Then they beat the Phillies.

Then they beat the Brewers.

Last night, they beat the Rangers to stay alive in what pundits are saying was one of the greatest games in World Series history.

Tonight, Katie went upstairs and changed into her Cardinals All-Star Game t-shirt and a pair of red pants, as she settled in to watch at least some of game seven with Daddy.

And tonight, the Cardinals won game seven to become the World Champs.


Never give up, never surrender. :)
Tags: baseball, cardinals, home, kids, musings

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