Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Happy Halloween!

And so, after weeks of waiting, Halloween finally arrived and it was time for me to take Katie and Julie out trick or treating.

Ready for Trick or Treating Ready for Trick or Treating And here are Katie and Julie, ready to go trick or treating. Gretchen made costumes for the girls last year, but this year was defeated by time and resorted to store-bought costumes (although she did make cloaks -- not seen here -- to keep the girls warm outside). Katie is Ariel while Julie is a more generic princess. Much candy was collected.
Jack O'Lanterns Jack O'Lanterns And here are the jack o'lanterns that we carved on Saturday. Katie's is on the left (Dad assisted), while Julie's is on the right (Mom assisted). Both girls wanted "happy" pumpkins.
Julie, Slightly High on Candy Julie, Slightly High on Candy After we finished trick or treating, there was candy to be consumed. And then there were more costume pieces to be worn. We are particularly entranced by the princess ensemble including the Lightning McQueen baseball cap.
Katie, Also High On Candy Katie, Also High On Candy Katie, on the other hand, cuts a more fearsome figure with the aid of a glow-in-the-dark hockey mask that is *supposed* to be in the prop box. The contents of the prop box are like that...

We didn't get a lot of kids in our neighborhood, but we never do, given that we live on a 18 home dead-end street where not all of the houses participate. Ah, well. We did get more than a dozen groups, I think (daisy_knotwise was handing out the candy and would have a better count), which isn't too bad.
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