Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Disciplinary Proceedings

Earlier in the Christmas season, Julie had gotten hold of the Advent calendar that tarkrai and katyhh gave her for Christmas and proceeded to consume all of the chocolate that it contained. Well, gluttony is its own reward, so Julie had no more candy.

Until she got Katie's matching calendar and consumed several pieces of the chocolate that it contained. Julie was admonished and Katie's calendar was locked away in the pantry behind the child-proof lock.

Sadly, the child-proof lock is not Julie-proof. The rest of Katie's candy was consumed this morning and not by Katie.

Daddy ended up as the Chief Justice in this situation and announced that Julie would forfeit her two remaining chocolate chip cookies to Katie. When the cookies were divided up for dessert tonight, Katie got Julie's cookies.

And the wailing was remarkable. daisy_knotwise and I reminded Julie that she'd gotten herself into this.

We'll see if the message takes.
Tags: home, kids, musings

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