Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

On the First Day of Preschool

After many delays in filling out the paperwork, Katie started preschool today.

Ready for Preschool Ready for Preschool Here's Katie, all dressed and ready for her first day (well, afternoon) of preschool.
Katie and Daddy Katie and Daddy And here's Daddy in the picture, for scale if nothing else. :)
Julie, Staying Home Julie, Staying Home Here's Julie, who is not quite ready for preschool yet. But soon, perhaps...
Bright Out Here Bright Out Here And here's Katie at the door of the school. It's pretty bright out, which explains the squinting. :)

The plan had been for Katie to attend afternoon preschool two days a week, but after we got everything set up, they discovered that there weren't actually any other kids in Katie's group who would be there after 2:30 PM. So -- although morning session was supposed to be full up -- it looks like Katie will be going in the morning from now on.

This is going to mean some serious adjustment to bedtime. :)
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