Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Today, My Jurisdiction Ends Here

Well, actually, no. It doesn't.

As we try to push our product to completion, I have inherited Somebody Else's Dialog(TM). I am pretty good at writing MFC DDX/DDV code that does what MFC expects us to do when making sure that the data the user has entered is correct.

Somebody Else's Dialog(TM) is using a unique method of doing data validation that appears to have been completely borked by the change to the new version of MFC as we moved to Visual Studio 2010. So I'm fixing up the data validation so that it does what MFC expects us to do. And as I do that, Somebody Else's Dialog(TM) stops throwing up an endless succession of file dialogs and message boxes before we even get a chance to enter data.


Oh, well. As far as Somebody Else's Dialog(TM) is concerned, there's a new sheriff in town...
Tags: microsoft, musings, work
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