Bill Roper (billroper) wrote,
Bill Roper

Crossing the Rubicon (and the Crater!)

It doesn't look likely that I'll get off the ship at this point. I have yet to manage to get a pass from the doctor and I haven't gotten any new info from my travel agent about flights. Given that we're going to lose the Internet connection that we're using day after tomorrow, because they're spending three days upgrading the system, the chances of making plans that would successfully get me home without five more days of open ocean seem slim.

On the other hand, I seem to have come to an uneasy accommodation for my motion sickness. If I don't look at the ocean and don't attempt to read anything extensive, I seem to be mostly ok. (Barring another really bad storm, in which case all bets are off.) I've been taking a couple of seasickness pills each morning, which may or may not help the situation. But they probably don't hurt.

The good news is -- as you've seen -- that Sweet Baby James, the new guitar, is getting a workout. By the time I get home, my callouses may be up to playing the Guild 12-string again. This will make Gretchen happy.

I was happy when I went up for breakfast this morning and saw the big island of Hawaii out the starboard window of the Lido Restaurant. Just seeing land made my stomach feel better.

daisy_knotwise, Jeff, and Carol took the Kilauea bus tour. Jerry and I took the walking tour of the crater. It was a good thing that I'd done some walking, because it was a bit of a hike. It wasn't so much the distance -- it was the stair climb to get out of the crater, which is several hundred feet deep. I was near the front of the party at that moment. The woman who was right behind me would periodically say, "Look! Another photo opportunity!" This would give us a few seconds of rest. Actually, we only stopped twice on the climb up.

The crater was an immensely cool place, covered in bits of crunchy volcanic glass with fissures and steam vents that carried minerals up from below. (I suppose that saying that the crater was cool is fair only in reference to how hot it was there during the 1959 eruption.) This was the closest I'd ever been to an active volcano (as in, standing on top of it) and it was a really impressive experience. We also got a good look at a lava tube as we walked inside it.

And I only have a few sore muscles, which should be just fine by tomorrow.

If I'm lucky, I'll get another post off before we lose our Internet connection. After that, it'll be a few days of enforced radio silence.

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