Frozen 2

We went to see Frozen 2 tonight. It's a good enough movie, even if the plot is a bit predictable. But predictable in a sequel can be a *good* thing, because it means that you're not pulling rabbits out of your hat to invalidate the original film's continuity. And the songs were good. :)

Meanwhile, the one sentence review (with a bit of help from Tim Griffin):

"Hello, Arendelle, this is Elsa on the line..."


There being no convention this weekend, I suppose it is time to try to catch up on things again.

As part of this effort, I did manage to get my new license plate sticker earlier today. :)

Garbage Day

Absent the recently dismissed cleaning ladies, garbage day means that I need to collect all of the trash upstairs and bring it downstairs for disposal. Since I was doing that, I asked Katie to take out the recycling, which was rather light this week. This was a bit more of an adventure than I had anticipated, given that the upstairs recycling had already been collected into a single bin.

First, the bin went downstairs, but not into the bin outdoors for disposal.

Then, upon request, she returned downstairs and emptied the little bin into the outdoors bin.

This did not solve the problem of the downstairs recycling, nor did the second, or even the third request.

While all this was going on, I decided that we should do a sweeparound and collect all of the assorted dirt, dog hair, and debris from the floor for disposal, since we were not having any luck getting the last of the recycling out.

It was somewhere around the fourth request when the recycling was removed from the downstairs and deposited in the outdoor bin. Satisfied, I rolled that bin to the curb.

We are working on developing new habits...


Yesterday, I roughed out a design for a subsystem with one of my colleagues. Today, after much discussion, we decided to build to that design. Tomorrow, he will start coding the subsystem.

It's progress!


Gretchen, Katie, and Julie were sick today. I am only a little bit sick.

We are hoping that everyone who needs to be back in school is back in school tomorrow, which will help Gretchen get more rest and be less sick.

I am also hoping that I don't get more sick, but I think that will probably work out ok.