Monday, Monday

Back to work, where I finished up the first phase of my work on this POC. Now, I need to get the thing hooked up so it actually does what I want it to. We'll see how that goes. :)

Dinner tonight was a lovely brisket with dirty rice and a frozen corn and pepper mix that we like a lot here. Yum!

Stronger Than Dirt

After hacking at it off and on for several days, our kitchen is finally pretty clean. There are still some things on the island that need to be put away, but it has gotten its first really deep cleaning since we fired the cleaning ladies last year.

Finishing the cleaning was helped by picking up dinner at Omega in Niles tonight. I saw on Facebook that they are running a special on a full slab rib dinner. Gretchen has been lusting for ribs, so we scrubbed the plan to order in a deep-dish pizza in favor of the ribs. They were quite good, as was the sweet and sour cabbage soup that came along with my order.

Having not dirtied a bunch of dishes, scrubbing the kitchen became much easier. :)

This and That

We got less done today than we might have, but more than we might have too, so overall, we'll call this a success. If nothing else, the downstairs is a good bit cleaner than it was when we started.

Tomorrow, it's pay the bills and work on taxes, but it was *way* too nice a day to be doing that.

Julie is 12

Today was Julie's birthday. We had a nice dinner together, followed by a game of Clue (which Julie won), and birthday cake, which came out quite well.

After dinner, I showed her all of your lovely birthday wishes, which made her feel very special. Thank you all!


Having mostly struck out in the meat department at Sam's Club yesterday afternoon, I decided I would try again this morning. This was a much more successful expedition and I returned home with enough meat to restock the freezer for the next week and a bit.

If the weather were better, I would consider buying stuff to grill.

The weather is not yet better. :)

It Was a Sunny Day

It was gorgeous here today.

I didn't get out to Sam's Club this morning, because I had too many meetings, but I did head out there in mid-afternoon after I got lunch. I managed to find most of the things I was looking for, including preferred brands of toilet paper and tissue, but mostly struck out on non-processed meat. I found a corned beef that ended up being dinner, because the package of sliced beef in the freezer that was supposed to go into the stir fry has gone missing.

Tomorrow, I will go to Sam's Club in the morning and see if I have better luck in the meat department. :)